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Here we go again.

A 2-year old mishap has turned into a full-blown chaos that has officially taken me over. Safe to say, a stupid incident, a negative and toxic at that, has taken its toll on me and I let it happen. No one's to blame, really, but myself. I allowed it to (creatively) destroy my passion, a dream that was almost in full bloom. Almost. But not quite.

I have tried to get up, several times. But I keep on tripping, falling into an abyss I created myself.

I tried everything, but I probably haven't tried hard enough, so I will once again ~try~ to go back into trying to mend the broken ends of my ~creative~ life. Try. It's easy to give up, but I feel like this part of my life is where joy sparks the most. I love creating and not being able to express myself the way I used to is heartbreaking. So, we're doing this again. Back to square one.

Spoiler alert: I still don't have a concrete plan and most of the time, I'm not sure of what I'm doing. But I guess the way to ignite this beginning is to just start doing. Even if it means going back to the starting point, which is exactly what I am doing now; a fresh new blog.

Trying to re-fuel my old and dying passion for creating should start with my first love, writing. I haven't written anything in so long, probably why my Instagram captions are always long, because deep inside, I miss writing and it's somehow the only channel there is to write.

I have been putting this off for YEARS! But hey, I'm going back to blogging. The conventional, old-school, 2000s way.

This is probably not the reading era anymore, but I'm still going to do it, like how I used to blog even if I have zero audience (y'know, Tumblr days). I will focus my energy into creating again. Insights will follow. I'm just done stressing about it too much that it also stops me from creating.

This is probably my 8th residence in the world-wide-web, and I hope I'll get to keep this one, this time.

The journey begins here.



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